Choosing the right size

Follow the How To Measure guidelines and choose the size that best matches the results.

Here's a tip: If your measurements are in between two sizes, choose the smaller one for a tighter, the larger for a roomier fit. Or take advantage of our free return offer and try at home, what size serves you best. If different measurements tell you different sizes on the chart we recommend to follow the chest width for tops and the hip width for bottoms.

If you've purchased from us previously in a size L, you'll probably be a size M now.

As a rule of thumb: products we had previously called a “Size Large (L)” we now call a “Size Medium (M).” So if you already own a GORE ® WEAR product and want to ensure you get the same size again, please bear this in mind and choose one size smaller.
Identify the right fit for you

A perfect fit is not just about the numbers, it’s also about the shape. Expect products labeled form fit to really be a second skin to your body and streamline your motion. Slim fit products stay close to your body while being a little roomier. Regular fit provides you with more space to move freely wherever you plan to go. You can find the new fit expressions highlighted on product detail pages, filter for your favourite fit or check them on the hang-tag.


Our closest fit, designed to be worn tight to the body, to enhance moisture management, thermal efficiency or aerodynamics. These garments are worn next-to-skin or over tight fitting base layers.
These items may use compacting fabrics to provide muscle support, look for this in the product description.

form fit


These items are designed to follow the shape of your body, to create a smooth silhouette, without being skin tight. These garments may be worn over base layers and light mid-layers.

form fit


These items are designed with a straight cut from shoulders or pelvis to lightly skim chest, waist, hip and thighs. These garments may be worn over base layers and heavier mid-layers.

form fit