Seat Inserts


‘Our products embody our commitment to innovation’ — this quote does not only stand for GORE® products like cycling kits or winter riding jackets. The results of endless research, testing and developing are also applicable to products which are not as glamorous or obvious, but that are still extremely important when it comes to comfort.

In this case, we’re talking about seat inserts. To ensure that we can offer our cycling customers seat inserts which meet our high standards and also follow our principle of ‘form follows function’, we searched for the best partners in the industry. Dolomiti Pads and Elastic Interface are both well known for their experience, quality and knowledge in manufacturing cycling seat inserts. Together with them, and based on scientifically proven studies, which are constantly repeated to ensure we are ahead of the fast changing environment of the cycling sport, we are able to develop and offer seat inserts that best meet cyclists’ needs.

We look at every angle of the sport and human body, and evaluate athletes’ and riders’ test feedback before we apply new technologies in our inserts. From highly functional, light weight, and breathable elastic fabrics and foams to a variety of different shape designs for both genders and for different levels and disciplines of riding, we touch every ingredient to ensure cyclists have the best possible riding experience and comfort.

To underline our constant innovation approach we introduced our unique GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Cup Technology, which we extend deeper into our range of shorts, bib shorts, tights, and bib tights for this year.



Developed for ultimate comfort and protection, this new seat insert technology takes cycling to the next level and allows cyclists to head out straight into the elements.

  • Protection against the cold and wind-chill
  • Increased breathability and enhanced moisture management for year-round cycling
  • Unique, pre-formed cup prevents unwanted compression
  • Ensures optimum comfort and support for anatomical space


When on a roadbike, the rider’s position is moved forward and is mostly static, as opposed to on a mountainbike, when the rider more frequently moves on and off of the saddle. The forward leaning road position also causes the pelvis to rotate toward the front, which results in a narrower seatbone angle at the point of contact between rider and saddle.

To accommodate this specific position, GORE® road seat inserts are engineered with a road-specific shape, level of protection, and support to maximize comfort for long days in the saddle.

Mountain Bike

The rider’s seating position on a mountainbike is usually more upright compared to a roadbike rider’s position. The main contact and weight distribution of the rider on the saddle is shifted backwards, with a much wider seatbone angle and a more rearward tilting of the pelvis.

GORE® Wear mountainbike-specific seat inserts support this position with the use of different shapes and materials where needed to offer maximum comfort and protection.

VARIOUS Road & Mountain

Our Active level seat inserts combine the needs of all riding styles in one shape. By linking both shapes from mountain- and road riding seat inserts we are able to offer an insert which is great for various cycling disciplines.

The simple and minimalistic layering and material offers enough protection and comfort for after work road rides, quick mountain-bike rides with your friends, or your daily fitness ride or commute to work.

Seat Insertslevels

Expert Men + Women

Our expert level seat inserts are designed to offer maximum protection and comfort for all ride lengths and intensities. A complex shape and dense foam construction minimizes impacts and avoids numbness by taking pressure off critical areas. The shapes of the different zones provide optimized rider positioning by rotating the pelvis to guarantee a comfortable but efficient contact between the seatbones and saddle.

Advanced Men + Women

Advanced level seat inserts with a medium density foam offer a great protection and comfort while being light and breathable. A two-layer foam construction with specifically developed supporting zones reduces pressure on soft tissue and increases blood flow in critical areas even on longer rides.

Active Men + Women

A single-layer with a less dense foam construction is used in Active level seat inserts. These inserts are scientifically developed for all cycling activities and offer the needed comfort and protection for either mountain bike, roadbike or fitness rides.