Windproof Protection

A headwind makes us stronger, if we can bear it. So we pulled together a collection of windproof gear loaded with thoughtful details for added warmth, visibility and freedom to move, to help transform those winter winds from session-ending roadblocks to invigorating fuel for another mile.

  windproof protection    windproof protection

Guaranteed to keep you dry®

GORE-TEX, the material astronauts had in their suits to walk on the moon and has been keeping outdoor enthusiasts dry in obscure corners of the world for decades, it’s guaranteed to keep you dry too. This is a collection of our favorite GORE-TEX gear, so you can keep charging day-after-day, through winter and right into spring.

waterproof    Durably waterproof

Designed for Damp and Dark

We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges people identify in training through winter is darkness. So we thoughtfully integrated reflective fabrics into this collection of gear, targeting areas that move for increased visibility from 360-degrees and integrating reflectivity into the design, so it takes center stage only when it needs to.

  reflective applications    reflective applications