History of GOREWEAR

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The GOREWEAR story is part of the innovative history of W. L. Gore & Associates, an American technology company founded in 1958. Gore’s constant evolution has seen it expand across the globe, developing cutting edge products in disciplines as diverse as medical equipment, space travel, musical instruments, industrial clothing, footwear and sportswear. But at the heart of these innovations there is always the same core, the same technology that enhances lives, that even saves lives – Polytetrafluorethylen (PTFE).

Learn more about the history of Gore and how GOREWEAR was created by this technology driven and innovative company.

Evolved from the former two brands, GORE® WEAR underlines its leadership role in innovative functional cycling and running apparel. This evolution aligns the GORE® brand to better serve its retailers and consumers. Under one roof, the new brand unites all the loyal and likeminded fans and inspires them to experience more with our products.

A collection inspired by the Sellaronda HERO: ALP-X PRO
Ever since the very first Sellaronda HERO, GORE BIKE WEAR® is a partner of the famous mountain bike race. The ALP-X PRO collection is designed for such races, and provides the performance-oriented mountain biker with optimal apparel in ever-changing conditions.

30 Year Anniversary
GORE BIKE WEAR® celebrates 30 years with a special anniversary collection. Every product includes a large print bearing the dates “1985-2015.”

GORE RUNNING WEAR® presents the lifestyle collection, URBAN RUN, for runners wishing to maintain a cool individualistic style, even when training in the city.

Launch of the GORE-TEX® Active Shell technology
GORE RUNNING WEAR® and GORE BIKE WEAR® products from now on integrate the new GORE-TEX® Active Shell technology, which is constructed for extreme breathability.

GORE RUNNING WEAR® launches in the U.S. market.

GORE BIKE WEAR® products enter the Asian market.

Launch of the GORE-TEX® Comfort Mapping technology
Both GORE RUNNING WEAR® and GORE BIKE WEAR® launch the highly innovative Comfort Mapping technology, which combines different GORE-TEX fabrics in mirroring climate zones on the athlete’s body in order to increase breathability, comfort and fit.

The GORE-TEX® Airvantage Technology is a new adjustable insulation system of GORE RUNNING WEAR®, which the runner can manually adapt to changing running conditions. In 2007, the technology wins the ISPO Award.

The brand continues to grow…
The collection has grown significantly. GORE BIKE WEAR® provides the optimum solution for all types of cyclist and every area of application.

The new MYTHOS collection
GORE RUNNING WEAR® introduces the new MYTHOS collection into the market, with the MYTHOS SO Jacket as the highlight product. The collection focuses on runners in an urban environment.

A new brand set-up
The current logo: simple, yet with a high recognition value. CONCURVE™ Running Wear becomes GORE RUNNING WEAR®

GORE RUNNING WEAR® introduces the WINDSTOPPER Technology
GORE RUNNING WEAR® becomes the first running brand to produce apparel equipped with the WINDSTOPPER® Technology, for which it wins the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’ from British Runner’s World.

GORE RUNNING WEAR® wins the first ever Runner’s World ISPO Award for the super-lightweight WINDSTOPPER® HELIUM Jacket.

GORE BIKE WEAR™ is now available in the United States.

GORE RUNNING WEAR® hits the market, named CONCURVE™ Running Wear
From now on, W.L. Gore also offers highly functional apparel for runners. The first collection remains initially small and launches under the name CONCURVE.

For the first time the GORE BIKE WEAR® logo appears without any graphic elements.

The first jerseys and tights, already using highly functional materials and exciting prints featuring chain or pinion motifs. Birth of the principle of a clothing system encompassing all layers

Introduction of the first products featuring WINDSTOPPER®. The new products protected against wind chill and improved cyclists’ performance because they needed less energy to regulate their body heat.

GORE-TEX® Bike Wear – “I like it, I bike it”
‘I like it, I bike it’ is not only a slogan but also a motto for what was then a striking design. But product performance was never neglected. The name for now: GORE-TEX® Bike Wear.

The first sponsorship
The Superconfex team (later Rabobank) takes the GIRO jacket with it on the Tour de France.

The GIRO Jacket
The first waterproof and windproof GORE-TEX® cycle jacket, under the name ‘GIRO’, which also offers breathability. A further special feature is the new lengthened back − now to be found in almost every cycle jacket. The GIRO Jacket sets the foundation for the brand, that will be called GORE BIKE WEAR® in the future.