Protect Yourself From the Elements


Battling the elements with insufficient riding gear can affect your performance on the road or trail, but our GORE-TEX INFINIUM is the ultimate product in protecting against the wind to help you keep your mind on your sport.

Developed from multiple fabric technologies that make our products lightweight and durable, we have created the ideal cycling jacket that maximises comfort in tough conditions. As well as being completely windproof, many of our jackets are water-resistant, so light rain showers or splashes from water when riding post-rainfall won’t be a problem.

Fabric Technology that Mixes Science and Sports

Our GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER® products are made with performance runners and cyclists at their heart, which is why they have been designed to ensure complete protection when on the roads or trails. Built with a light, breathable membrane to allow vapours to escape through the billions of pores that are 900 times larger than vapour molecules, the advanced technology also keeps out the wind to reduce the chill effects.

Windproof Jackets for Performance Athletes

Browse all of our GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER® jackets that offer 100% protection against the wind: from gusts to gales. Collections include the best-selling Lupra jacket and R5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM INSULATED JACKET.

Performance on Road or Trail with GORE-TEX INFINIUM Product Technology

All of our GORE-TEX INFINIUM products are suitable for any type of road or trail sports. Whether your preference is to achieve your performance goals on two wheels or on foot, our products are created to offer protection against the elements all year round.