Protection Against the Elements


Battling against the elements is part of all-weather riding, but with the right clothing, it doesn’t have to impact your performance. Our GORE-TEX INFINIUM cycling jackets offer 100% galeforce protection when out on the trails and roads, keeping you comfortable, dry and focused on what you love.

Windproof Jackets for Trail and Road

Designed for the performance athlete, our windproof cycling jackets are packable and lightweight to prevent extra bulk, and are built with features that create a barrier at any point of entry for the wind, such as elastic grip on the bottom hem, fleece lining for extra comfort and close fit collars. As well as designs that adorn reflective details for low light conditions, the durability of all of our jackets means they can withstand the harsh elements on any ride.

Windproof with Water-Resistant Technology for Extra Protection

Often with windy conditions there is the chance of rain. Fortunately, our windproof cycling jackets are designed with water-resistant technology to keep you protected from showers and splashes when out on the road. This extra protection provides a barrier against light rain to keep you dry, warm and comfortable.

GORE-TEX INFINIUM with Windstopper® Product Technology

The GORE-TEX brand is known for its durability and high-quality fabric technology to protect against the elements.  The GORE-TEX INFINIUM Product Technology is one of our newer creations that is 100% windproof, thanks to its combination of fabric technologies that work together to provide complete coverage, support and protection when out in any weather.

Creating breathable and lightweight garments, our GORE-TEX INFINIUM Product Technology delivers the same high quality as our waterproof fabrics, but is tailored towards those athletes that are looking for different protection when out in the open air.


Designed for protecting cyclists in windier and low-light conditions, the C5 GORE-TEX Infinium Thermo Jacket combines practicality and durability with style.

Boasting features such as high extreme breathability and freedom of movement whilst cycling, it combines the fit of a jersey with the windproof protection of a jacket, making it the ideal choice for any performance cyclist.

Make Cycling a Breeze

Windproof MTB Jackets

If trail and mountain biking is your passion, then breathable but durable cycling gear is key to making sure you can enjoy your rides with limited distractions. With GOREWEAR, finding a jacket that not only keeps you dry but is windproof in the critical zones, and flexible enough to tackle the tough terrain without discomfort, is now even easier.