Care Instructions


Dear GORE® Wear community, 
We recognize the impact this global crisis is having on you and your loved ones.  Protecting others and protecting yourself by  keeping social distance has the highest priority  to overcome those difficult times.
We all love to go  cycling,  running, or skiing;  we all dream of our collective outside adventures.  It’s the best thing to  free our minds  and make us feel  alive.  As many of us are now indoors  – or alone outdoors -  to slow the spread of the virus, we would like to share a different style of adventure with you and help to motivate you to stay healthy  and  confident  in the near future.  Our mission  yet  remains the same: we want to inspire and enable athletes to better themselves in all aspects of their lives!  Make sure to follow our social channels @gorewear  on Instagram,  Strava  and  Facebook  for updates and stay connected. is still able to deliver in most circumstances.  However  there may be some delays: 
  • Returns/Refunds might take longer to process (returns will be placed in 72 hours quarantine in our warehouse upon arrival) 
  • Due to social distancing measures in our  warehouse some orders might take longer to be processed and shipped.
GORE® Wear: Responsible Sourcing during the Covid-19 Crisis
As it is abundantly clear by now, Covid-19 is not only a global health crisis, but also a devastating economic crisis of epic proportions. Particularly vulnerable to the economic impacts of the pandemic are workers employed along apparel supply chains who risk losing their livelihood as demand plummets and buyers rapidly cut down on their orders. Given the gender composition of the apparel work-force, women (and their dependents) are likely to bear the brunt of this sudden downturn.
At GORE® Wear we are highly cognizant of the fact this is a true test of our commitment to responsible sourcing principles. We are therefore trying our best to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic on our suppliers and their employees by following Fair Labor Association’s Guidance on best practices. To that end:
  • We haven’t canceled or reduced any purchasing orders with our garment suppliers. In fact, due to strong consumer demand for running and cycling wear, we were fortunate enough to even increase some orders, helping our suppliers partially offset the canceled/reduced orders from other brands.
  • We haven’t renegotiated price or payment terms on any purchase orders and have honored all the agreements made prior to the pandemic.
  • We are in constant communication with all our garment manufacturers and monitoring the situation closely. We haven’t received any worker complaints through our confidential reporting channels since the outbreak of the pandemic.
  • While we’re experiencing delays in our social compliance audits due to logistical difficulties, our sourcing team has urged our suppliers to strictly observe health & safety laws/regulations/guidelines on Covid-19.
It is difficult to predict when life will go back to normal, but in the meantime we stay committed to our Associates and their families, our customers, and our communities including our suppliers. We’re hoping to weather this storm without causing any hardship to our suppliers and their employees. Although an absolute last resort, in the event that reduction or cancelation of orders becomes unavoidable, we will strive to do so in accordance with the responsible sourcing principles GORE® Wear deeply respects.
For more on GORE® Wear responsible sourcing approach, please visit our sustainability website.
We wish you all the best.  United through distance! 
Your  GORE® Wear Team