Cycling Kit

A day off the bike, giving in to the weather and the ease of home is a day without improvement. This kit was designed to work together to keep you protected from the cold wind, dry from hill-climbing induced sweat and focused on the next stroke, the next mile, day after day, as winter attempts to get in your way.

Trail Kit

Like an animal the trail transforms when the temps and precipitation drop, providing new challenges and opportunities to improve ––if we can stay on the path (pun intended). This gear was designed to help you evolve alongside the weather, staying dry from rain or snow, warm on descents and wicking sweat on climbs, to keep a little mud on your smile all winter.

Running Kit

Yes it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s damp, and those layers of blankets in that bed are awfully inviting, but we designed this kit to help level the playing field, with windproof technology, thermo insulation, thoughtful details that protect from weather and daily wear, so winter isn’t a step back, but part of the progression forward.

XC-Ski Kit

It’s here, it’s our season, but it’s fleeting. So we designed a kit to ensure we don’t miss a day, an integrated system that utilizes windproof technology to protect from winter’s windchill and is highly breathable enabling us to dump excess heat and wick sweat, so unfavorable conditions transform into our best ski day of the year.