For us at GORE® Wear, technology supports the passion that drives us to persistently evolve and improve. It’s what we create to better the lives of our athletes; it is the passion behind every technological advancement.
Technology is the heart of every innovation – this is our heritage, it’s what makes us and our products unique. We not only offer high-quality fabrics that provide the best feel and fit for the athlete in motion, but we are also providing optimum protection and comfort by using GORE-TEX INFINIUM™, GORE-TEX or GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ product technologies.

Especially for the cold and dark season these protective technologies make the difference: it’s about weather protection against cold, rain, wind and snow; it’s about reflecting materials that shine in the dark and it’s about ventilation while keeping the athlete comfortable warm. This is all offered in the latest GORE® Wear collection – no matter which sport you are passionate about, be perfectly equipped for all conditions and adventures ahead.