The Science of staying dry: SHAKEDRY™ fabric

Endurance athletes experience the full range of conditions in a day – both in nature and through the results of their physical effort. Our job is to help them be physically and mentally prepared for that range so they can push themselves beyond what they thought they could achieve. So we set out to experiment with a material we’ve been using for over four decades.
We started with our GORE-TEX membrane, which has been widely used in outdoor apparel since 1969. A square inch of this membrane has nine billion pores; each one is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. This is what makes the membrane waterproof, breathable and windproof: rain and snow can’t get in yet your sweat can escape.
For decades we’ve been treating this proprietary yet delicate membrane as a material that needs protection on both sides. In 2015, we experimented with the idea of using the material as a standalone fabric. Our intention was to make the lightest, most waterproof/breathable jacket on the market so there’d be no reason to leave it behind. Athletes could have complete waterproof protection in challenging and unplanned endurance conditions without worrying about carrying extra weight.



We know that training is demanding and riding in wet weather requires dedication, with this jacket you are able to stay dry and keep performing to the highest level in all weathers.

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We turned the membrane inside out to expose the permanent beading surface. This eliminated the need for a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. Then, instead of sandwiching the membrane between an inner scrim and outer layer, it was now the outermost layer of the garment, supported by a single fabric inner layer for structure and so it feels comfortable next to bare skin.
Eliminating two out of four elements from the classic GORE-TEX fabric package – the DWR and the outer fabric – meant we could decrease the weight, increase packability and increase the speed of the water-vapor transfer. This was a game changer. We launched the new material as GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ fabric: featherweight protection that will never wet out.
Unlike other waterproof fabrics on the market, SHAKEDRY™ is permanently waterproof: water beads off and – as its name says – shakes dry when the rain stops and you stuff it into your jersey pocket. The result is a super lightweight, fully waterproof/breathable fabric unlike any other; one that fully protects endurance athletes when the clouds turn black.



Training in wet weather and heavy rain requires serious commitment, we wanted to use our knowledge of extremely breathable, waterproof and windproof materials to help make it feel a little easier by ensuring riders stay dry and removing the chilling effect of wetted out fabrics.

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