The connection between a cyclist’s hands and the handlebar is crucial for performance, and it significantly influences the comfort and even the safety of a ride. This is more than enough incentive for us at Gore to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate our glove materials, designs and technologies, with the goal of optimizing their contribution to your riding experience. For summer 2018 we have completely overhauled the entire glove line.

New insights gathered from riders and athletes globally and new technologies have enabled us to create an entirely new and improved line with products that serve a broad range of cyclist’s needs. It goes without saying that we use our own GORE-TEX® and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technologies to add a seasonal offering to our range, which includes road and off-road products for conditions from scorching summer days, to relentless winter cold.


Garments engineered with GORE-TEX® fabric are durably waterproof and windproof, combined with optimized breathability — enduring products that maximize protection and comfort for the wearer.


The totally windproof, yet extremely breathable membrane blocks the wind and allows vapour to escape. This combination of protection and breathability minimizes the wind’s chilling effect while reducing the risk of overheating when you are active.