Everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things

We Are Athletes And Scientists

We invent, design, make, deliver and service products for endurance athletes to enhance their experience in all-weather conditions. It takes a scientific and systematic approach to understanding the challenges you face to create solutions that help you improve.

GOREWEAR is a team of athletes and scientists. Our headquarters are located close to the German Alps – home to some of the most inviting endurance sports terrain in the world. The wide range of weather conditions offers the variety of testing possibilities we need – to create products that work, and to improve the endurance sports experience.

Pioneering Product Innovations From Our World To The Athlete's World

‘Our lab’ combines an in-depth understanding of the elements and the human body with cutting-edge fabric technologies to deliver highly engineered and functional performance wear. It is our commitment to constantly push the boundaries of product potential in protection and comfort to improve your performance and your experience.

The extensive research and development that goes into every one of our products means you can be assured that a GORE® product is ready to go when you are. Ready to head outdoors. Ready for whatever tests the day holds and always prepared for what the elements might throw at you.

GOREWEAR - The next evolution is here

A Company Built on Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork

Our founder Bill Gore established the company on a set of beliefs and principles that guide us in the decisions we make, the work we do, and the way we behave.
It’s our commitment to improve lives and our passion for innovation that shapes everything we do.

At GOREWEAR, we believe that everyone is capable of doing extraordinary things. This shared belief drives us to continually strive to make athletes’ lives better.