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Feel ready to race in this incredibly lightweight, minimalist and quick-drying running tee.


Feel ready to race in this incredibly lightweight, minimalist and quick-drying running tee.

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Men's Running Clothing for Comfort, Safety, and More

Your running wardrobe is about more than fashion. You want to look great even when drenched in sweat, but you also want to remain comfortable, safe, and free of chafing and skin irritation. While your form and physical conditioning are critical to avoiding injury, your clothing can protect your skin from environmental irritants while keeping your muscles warm.

The Ultimate Collection of Running Clothes for Men

If you know there are holes in your running wardrobe or you need to elevate the quality of some pieces, our versatile collection of men's running clothing will help you get the job done quickly. You never have to worry about low-quality fabrics that will rip or tear easily.

Our materials are chosen for their durability and strength, but they’re also lightweight. Many pieces are easy to layer. Others are standalone pieces that you can wear in select seasons. From tops and bottoms to accessories that make running more enjoyable, GOREWEAR has it all in one convenient place.

Selecting the Right Men's Running Apparel

When selecting running clothing, men should consider the following factors:

  • Breathable, lightweight fabrics
  • Moisture wicking
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Style
  • Fit

Layering is the best way to prepare for shifts in the weather, especially on long runs that may stretch into the late afternoon or evening. Make sure you have adequate protection for all seasons plus some accessories like hats, gloves, and warmers for arms and legs.

Running Wear Men's Top Picks

As a proven leader in the athletic attire market, GOREWEAR is the top pick for many male runners at all skill levels. We meet or exceed the needs of elite athletes as well as beginners still working on their form. Whether you run through your neighborhood after work, enter local races to stay fit, or run at a professional level, our running attire is designed with your needs and expectations in mind.

Look at our current collection of running gear for men. Check back often to see what’s new and fill the holes in your running wardrobe.