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Men's Running Vests for Comfort, Durability & Performance

Running vests are an effective tool for maintaining core body heat. When you head out on a brisk fall day or brave the chill of early spring, you need an extra layer that won’t weigh you down. That’s where Gore Wear running vests for men are critical to your performance and comfort.

What to Look for in a Men's Lightweight Running Vest

Lightweight is the most important feature when shopping for men's running vests. The vest should fit so well that you forget you’re wearing it. The more you can feel it hanging, the more it will interfere with your focus and endurance.

The best vests for running are also made out of soft, flexible materials that never interfere with your full range of motion. They should have some thickness in order to trap in body heat, but you don’t want your vest to feel like a heavy wool sweater.

Finally, consider style and color when selecting a vest. Sporty vests are often solid, neutral colors. That ensures your vest works well with any running outfit you throw together. Mixing and matching is essential to an effective running wardrobe.

Lightweight Running Vest Mens Styles

Gore Wear is excited to offer high-performance men's running vests. We design every vest to meet the needs of dedicated runners who put a lot of miles on their clothing each week. That ensures that the needs of all runners, beginner to elite, are covered.

Look through our current collection of vest designs, all created with runners in mind. Come back to see what we’re working on next.