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Women's Cycling Clothes that Go the Extra Mile

You pedal feverishly and expect your clothing to work just as hard. That’s why GOREWEAR designs women's biking clothes with the challenges and demands of cyclists in mind. We want you to enjoy comfort and protection plus a touch of style.

You don’t have to choose between functionality and appearances when you ride with GOREWEAR. We deliver the full package in every design because we want our customers to push their limits on the bike without battling skin irritation, chafing, and other discomforts that come from low-quality clothing.

When your clothing is designed to go the extra mile, you’re more likely to make that extra mile as well.

Get the Most from Your Women's Biking Apparel

You invest in high-quality women's cycling clothes and trust it to support and protect your body for superior performance. Maintaining that clothing over time is the best way to ensure your women’s cycling wear lasts for years.

GOREWEAR requires little time to maintain, but there are some things you can do to maximize the life of your favorite pieces:

  • Read the label before tossing it in the wash. Follow the care instructions to make sure each piece is protected during the wash and dry process.
  • Make sure each piece fits correctly. Not only will it feel better on your body, but it will last longer.
  • Rotate items so that the wear and tear is spread across your full wardrobe. If you find just one or two pieces comfortable, invest in multiples even if they're in the same color and style.

Cycling Clothes Women Trust

There are a lot of mediocre women's cycling suits, shorts, bibs, tops, and bottoms on the market. We’re talking about the clothing that looks great on the hanger but isn’t nearly as comfortable or durable on your body.

When you’re tired of replacing clothing that can’t stand up to the demands of your most intense cycling sessions, give GOREWEAR a try. We design every piece in our collection with the unique needs of athletic women in mind. We take pride in delivering exceptional quality and style with a touch of technology and innovation.

Our current collection of women's cycling wear is available for shipment now. Check back often to see what we might introduce next.