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Men's Running Shorts – Stay Active & Comfortable

When it’s time to hit the streets or the trails, your men's running shorts should ensure comfort, flexibility, and full range of motion. You can wear running shorts as standalone bottoms on a hot day or pull them over a pair of running leggings for added warmth. GOREWEAR takes pride in premium materials that hold up to even the most aggressive running schedules.

Types of Running Shorts for Men

The type of running shorts you select should match your running style, climate, and personal preference for comfort. Most men need at least a couple types of running shorts to meet all of their needs year-round.

The most popular running shorts options include:

  • Men's track shorts – Shorts designed to meet the needs of track runners
  • Men's 2-in-1 shorts – Form-fitting tight shorts overlayed with looser shorts
  • Men's split shorts – Shorter length shorts with small splits on the outer side of each leg
  • Men's 5-inch shorts – Longer shorts that hang slightly loose for comfort

If you prefer wearing shorts as far into the cold season as possible, make sure to stock up on GOREWEAR men's running tights and leggings as well. You can layer them with your shorts to ensure comfort and warmth long after the warm shorts season.

High-Quality Men's Running Shorts with Liner

Underwear worn underneath running shorts can lead to irritation and painful chafing. Most men opt for running shorts with a soft liner that doesn’t rub or absorb sweat. GOREWEAR meets this need by offering well-designed shorts with a liner that doesn’t rub or dig into the skin.

Check out or current collection of shorts for runners. Come back often to see what we have in store for upcoming seasons.