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Gore Wear is on the ball when it comes to lightweight jackets for running. We know how important it is to have just the right jacket when the winds blow or the rain falls. Even on a dry day, the chill in the air may leave you reaching for your jacket as you head out the door.

From active hooded jackets to trail jackets, you can count on our selection to meet your needs in every season. Stop by often to see the latest Gore Wear trends.

Are Windbreaker Jackets Good for Running?

Windbreakers are often lightweight, and many runners find them comfortable when the weather is right. They're designed to break the wind so that it has less impact on your body. There are two advantages to that:

  • You will stay a bit warmer if a cold wind isn't hitting you full force.
  • Reducing the force of the wind even a little may make running in strong winds a bit less strenuous.

Some runners choose windbreakers as their preferred men's lightweight running jacket. There are a lot of materials and style options on the market today, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the demands of your climate.

Do You Need a Waterproof Running Jacket?

If you run in a damp climate where the rain pours often, you're more likely to invest in a waterproof or water-resistant running jacket than someone from a dryer climate. It's always best to have at least one water-resistant jacket on hand because every climate will have some rainy days.

Many lightweight men's running jackets are designed to resist light rain. They're great for warmth while keeping the drizzle from hitting your skin.

Gore Wear also makes hooded running jackets and insulated running jackets. We have a jacket for every weather scenario, so stock up to ensure you're always prepared for Mother Nature.

Running Windbreaker Men's and Women’s

Browsing our collection of running jackets for men? Don't forget the rest of the family! Gore Wear specializes in high-quality activewear for men and women. Our men's jacket collection is top of the line, and we put just as much effort into our designs for women and children.