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Men's Base Layer Tops & Bottoms

Layering is one of the most effective ways to control body temperature and comfort during intense physical exercise. While athletes know the value of high-quality base layers, beginners often focus more on outerwear without a full understanding of why men's base layer shirts and bottoms are essential.

That all changes when you shop with GOREWEAR. We stock a variety of activewear designed for layering, including men's thermal base layer options. The base layer sets the tone for your ability to trap in body heat and control your body temperature when out in the elements. It can make the difference between a successful training or exercise session and extreme discomfort.

Men's Base Layer Shirts – Your Options

A quality men's base layer starts with durable tops that are designed to withstand intense activity. You have three options when shopping for base tops:

  • Long sleeves
  • Short sleeves
  • Sleeveless

You may need different sleeve lengths at different times, and it can vary even within one season. It's best to stock up on all three options so that you always have what you need on hand. Even the most consistent climates can have off days at unexpected moments.

Men's Base Layer Pants – Your Options

Your lower body needs a men's base layer as well. While leggings are the most popular option with athletes, there are other options for mens baselayer bottoms. For instance, base layer boxer shorts are extremely popular for runners and some athletes.

To fill the gaps in your base layer wardrobe, shop the collection at GOREWEAR today.

Mens Base Layer Underwear & Shorts

Are your underwear contributing to your athletic comfort or holding you back? If they're interfering more than you care to admit, it's time to trade in your everyday underwear for base layer undies. GOREWEAR designs and sells premium-quality underwear that meets the needs of even the most serious athletes.

Select from insulated underwear, mens thermal underwear, and other options that ensure cold weather is no obstacle for your athletic goals. We also design base layer boxer shorts that you can wear year round for maximum protection and comfort in any climate.

Men’s Padded Underwear for Cycling

Padded underwear can make the difference between a comfortable, productive cycling session and a session full of pain and agony. Even seasoned cyclists sometimes prefer underwear with padding to make those long sessions on the pedals more comfortable.

Our padded underwear for men are designed from high-quality materials that stand up to even the most intense training. Long rides are no obstacle for our cycling underwear.

Padded Base Layer Shorts for Men

Padded shorts are another option for men uninterested in padded underwear. They're perfect for cycling or any other sport that requires sitting on hard or uncomfortable seats. GOREWEAR designs shorts with the right amount of padding to ensure maximum protection without ruining your stylish appearance.

Check out our collection of base layer boxer shorts, padded underwear, and thermals designed to make your lifestyle more enjoyable. Come back often to see what's new and fill those gaps in your athletic wardrobe.