The Right Gloves...

...Can Make All The Difference

The Different Styles

Roll & Box Fingers

The Roll and Box finger construction provides riders which prefer long finger gloves improved dexterity and tactile feedback, by using less material, reducing wrinkling and adding comfort through strategically placed seams.

Thumb, pointer and index fingers receive the roll construction which is shaped to support the constant up and down movement of the fingers when shifting or braking. The ring finger and pinky stay smooth, comfortable and free from irritation on the bars because of the box construction.

Preshaped Fingers

All of our long finger gloves come with a preshaped finger construction that mimic the natural hand position and grip on the bars. This allows us to use less material, reducing wrinkles that could cause irritations on the palm.

Elastic materials and stitching allow a comfortable fit even when extending, flexing and straightening the hand.

Single Palm

Cyclists’ needs and demands vary significantly as it relates to glove construction, padding, and performance attributes. To address this, we offer a broad variety of glove palm designs and padding levels.
This minimalistic single layer palm construction with minimal padding creates the purist contact to the bars, for those who want to have maximum feel, feedback and tactility, while still maintaining glove durability

Cut Palm

The cut palm construction has an improved anatomical preshape of the palm to give a more comfortable contact to the bars.
Less material can be used with this construction to avoid irritations of the palm from wrinkles.

Reinforced &Padded Palm

The reinforced and padded palm construction gives additional comfort and offers abrasion resistance for rough rides. It helps by absorbing shocks coming from constant terrain changes, bumps or impacts from the ground and prevents hand and wrist fatigue.
We use either EVA, foam or GEL for the padding which is applied to different critical zones on the palm, depending on both the type of gloves and the type of riding.

Finger Loops

Taking your short finger gloves off after longer rides can be challenging; often times cyclists just turn the gloves inside-out to take them off, we solve this problem by including finger loops on all our short finger gloves, which make glove removal simple, and extends the service life by reducing unnecessary strain on the seams.


All our long finger gloves come with a special conductive patch placed at the index finger to allow easy touch screen usage without taking the glove off.