Designed for days when it's dry and windy, WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE‑TEX LABS* bring totally windproof, reliably breathable, and water-resistant protection & comfort to your active lifestyle. Expect more efficient, versatile coverage against wind and wind chills with better moisture control and responsibly made materials. Totally windproof. Reliably breathable.

*Garments and gloves previously included in the GORE‑TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER® products range will be named WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE‑TEX LABS.

Why We Made It

The WINDSTOPPER® PRODUCTS BY GORE‑TEX LABS series enhances quality and performance, combining versatile aspects of support and comfort without the need for total waterproof protection. Durable water-resistance combined with optimal breathability, packability, and lightweight elements are the defining features of our technology and brand. For the last 30 years, we’ve honed our experience and carved a new path, broadening the scope of our technology beyond the waterproof.

How it works

When comfort and performance take priority, the selection and combination of fabrics have a different goal than complete protection. The WINDSTOPPER® PRODUCTS BY GORE‑TEX LABS series uses different combinations of fabric technologies to offer more tailored performance. Our experience working with functional fabrics in the lab enables strategic targeting and engineering precision. Integrating WINDSTOPPER® PRODUCTS BY GORE‑TEX LABS with other materials and using body-mapping techniques, precise coverage, support, and comfort for sport-specific or gender-specific products can be developed.


Experience total windproofness and maximum breathability for comfort in cool and windy conditions. The light, breathable membrane blocks the wind while allowing vapors to escape, keeping chill effects to a minimum. An additional layer is available in some WINDSTOPPER® PRODUCTS BY GORE‑TEX LABS products for more protection and insulation. Durable treatment to the outer layer provides a complete shield against the wind and is highly water resistant.