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Neon reflex

The safest thing you can do on a ride or run is remain seen. Whether you’re trekking or commuting, motorists, cyclists and anyone else around you will see you coming — and probably turn their heads when you pass.



It's never too cold

Cold-weather gear should not mean "so-bulky-you-can't-pedal gear." Designed to keep your body heat in, and the cold wind and weather out, the Thermo Collection combats everything from a frozen nose to numb toes.


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  • Road riding

    We've been perfecting design for road riding from the start, and these go-to products will be sure to please the athlete on your list.

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  • Gravel riding

    At a loss as to what to get that rock-kicking, dust-spitting adventure-seeker on your list? Look no further.

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  • Stocking stuffers

    Just need to find a little something? Here are some of our favorite accessories that can make a big impact for athletes.

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  • Wet weather riding

    Hand-picked for reliable rain protection, everything on this list will help the athlete on your list endure through the worst downpours.

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  • Cold weather riding

    Dashing through the snow isn't always dreamy. Here are a few favorites for the athlete on your list with a penchant for chilly rides.

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  • Windstopper

    Cold winds can seriously impact performance. Find the perfect solution for that athlete on your list who runs or rides in the wind.

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  • Mountain biking

    Pushing up a mountain to fly down it might not sound fun for everyone but this isn't a gift guide for just anyone.

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  • Men's bestsellers

    Whether they're pro or just gearing up, this gift guide has the top-selling and most-loved items for all types of athletes.

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  • Women's bestsellers

    The road-tested, tried-and-true, all-time-favorites for runners and cyclists alike. If you're searching for her next favorite thing to bring along for the ride, look no further.

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Here is Our Why

Not to get all philosophical, but cycling and running are truly transformative activities. The more you do them, the more fine-tuned you become. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. You can focus on the important things. Your optimism improves. The stoke is lit. And you begin performing better in every respect. This is our why. It’s what gets us up in the morning - conceiving, designing, constructing, and what keeps us up at night - rehashing, rethinking, deconstructing to deliver a purpose-built product that enhances your experience on the road or trail.

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