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Long Distance Bib Shorts+ Womens

Race-ready bib shorts offering a high-performance fit, maximum support, and comfort for those who put in the most miles.


Developed and designed with the help of a women's cycling team until they felt ultra-comfortable, like a second skin for every body type. Made with only the finest materials, you’ll gain unmatched muscle support and maximum comfort while you're working hard, riding for hours in the saddle. This is where your search for a better, more comfortable bib short can finally end. Plus, you'll have more time to ride.

Features & Specs


Material & Care

WOMEN EXPERT Long Distance Seat Insert with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Liner


  • GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Liner Technology

  • Anatomically designed, the the revolutionary 3D curvature to the seat pad matches the body form perfectly, providing the ultimate fit, flex and comfort

  • Design, shape and padding is based on anthropometrical data, to protect against all major pressure points and achieve maximum comfort

  • Central padded area specifically designed for women's anatomy


  • Multiple density structure makes the pad more comfortable, elastic and breathable

  • 1st layer made of highly breathable 80kg/m³ density open cell foams on the cover sheet with increased air permeability and breathability

  • 2nd layer made of hybrid cell system inserts of 200 kg/m³ density located in the area of the sit bones

  • 3rd layer made of 80 kg/m³ density foam in the main seat insert

  • Bacteriostatic Eco surface fabric, 100% recycled polyamide and polyester for sustainable softness and performance

  • The combination of a brushed polyamide and light polyester weave reduces the contact surface area, the channel structure wicks away sweat quickly and expels moisture instantly, leaving your skin cool and dry

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