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High-Performance Men’s Running Shirts

The best men's running tops will work just as hard as you do. They protect your skin and ensure you’re comfortable from the first mile to the last. Whether you run in the woods, on the roads, or through grassy parks, we have the right running shirts for your comfort and style.

What Shirts are Best for Running?

There are a few qualities that you should never sacrifice when buying men's running shirts:

  • Lightweight material
  • Durability
  • Moisture wicking
  • Wind blocking
  • Reputable brand

Your ideal running shirts will fit close enough to the skin to ensure it doesn't slow you down, but it should never feel like you're squeezing it on. Look for materials that block UV rays from the sun as well as the wind and rain.

How Do I Choose a Running Shirt?

The best men's running shirts are lightweight. They're designed to fit comfortably without feeling too baggy or squeezing too tight. They should also wick away moisture to ensure comfort and minimize the risk of chafing. High-quality material is critical to ensure your shirts won't rip, snag, or otherwise tear up too quickly.

Some factors to consider when selecting your shirts for running include:

  • Environment – Where do you typically run? You may select one running shirt for the trails and another for a jog around the track at a local park. Some environments require more coverage for the arms.
  • Climate – Different seasons demand different types of shirts for a run. Most runners will need an assortment of long and short sleeves to make sure they're covered in all seasons. Most runners battle wind at least part of the year, which makes Gore Wear's Windstopper running shirts essential.
  • Layering – If you jog in the morning and need to transition to afternoon sun or go from afternoon to the evening chill, layering is essential. You may also want to layer your tops for warmth in the spring or fall. Make sure you have at least a couple shirts that will work well as bottom layers.
  • Style – What shirt styles do you like best just based on appearances? What colors do you like? While performance and durability are essential, you can't forget about your style.

Running T-Shirts Mens and Womens

Browse our current collection of men's running shirts, but don’t forget to look through our running gear for women as well. You may find the perfect gift for someone special. Gore Wear strives to provide all the running attire you will ever need for yourself and your loved ones.