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Bib Shorts for Every Cyclist

Cycling comfort is important whether you're riding around the neighborhood or racing long distance. Cycling bib shorts help keep the crotch of your shorts in place while holding up the back so that you don't feel the breeze in awkward places. Gore is all about quality, so every pair is designed with the highest quality materials.

Selecting the Best Cycling Bibs

Once you decide that you need a pair of shorts with built-in bibs, it comes down to selecting the right style. This is a personal decision that every cyclist must make based on the miles they're putting in and the climate where they train and race.

If you live in a cooler climate, consider a pair of bib tights that are a bit longer than the traditional shorts. The added length will protect our lower legs more. You may consider the same length when biking through rough terrain that may include bushes or irritants for your legs.

Road Bike Bib Shorts for Proper Form

You work hard to perfect your form. The last thing you need is a pair of waist shorts slipping out of place to interfere with your performance. That's why we stock a variety of bike bib shorts. Even the lowest riders can have peace of mind and improved comfort with Gore on their side.

Check out our collection of bib shorts today. Check back often to see what designs we may come up with next.