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Tough Cycling Gloves for Serious Cyclists

Whether you're serious about improving your speed, pedaling further, or just having fun on the weekends, GOREWEAR has the bicycle gloves you need. There are many reasons you should invest in a pair of high-quality gloves designed just for the needs of cyclists:

  • You want to protect your hands from discomfort or blisters during long, intense biking sessions.
  • Your hands need protection from the weather on some adventures.
  • You want to ensure your hands are warm and functional while riding.
  • You simply like the look of lightweight gloves to complete your biking wardrobe.

Fingerless Bike Gloves vs. Full-Finger Glove

Most cyclists do well to keep a variety of cycling gloves on hand. When the weather is warm, gloves without the fingers will provide more breathability without overheating your hands. You still need protection in the summer, spring, and early autumn.

When the temperatures take a dip, a full finger glove designed for cyclists are ideal. You may even want to keep a pair of heavy mountaineering gloves around the house if you like to bike in extreme temperatures.

Some cyclists also have a personal preference between these glove styles. Use what allows you to feel comfortable and protect your hands on every cycling adventure.

Stock Up on Gloves for Cycling

Our bike gloves are in stock and ready to protect your hands on the next big adventure. Check out our current collection and bookmark this page to see what we have to offer in the future.