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Cycling Overshoes for Comfort & Safety

It's important to keep your feet warm and comfortable regardless of the weather. Your ability to pedal with strength and confidence depends on it. That's where GOREWEAR cycling shoe covers come into the picture. We strive to create overshoes that are lightweight yet durable and incredibly warm.

Types of Cycling Shoe Covers

Waterproof cycling shoe covers come in a variety of forms. Every cyclist must decide what works best for them in regards to comfort, style, and the local climate. You may also need to purchase additional styles for races, events, and cycling opportunities in new locations.

The most popular options on the market right now include:

  • Full Overshoes – These covers are designed to go over the full shoe. They typically rise up over the ankles and fit snug against the shoe. Some are designed to block moisture and wind while others are intended to warm your feet in severely cold or wet weather.
  • Partial Overshoes – Partials may not offer as much coverage or warmth. They're a great option for cool days or climates that can get a bit chilly but not intensely cold.
  • Toe Covers – These covers are limited to the toes only. They're suitable for cool days in many climates or seasons that don't call for a full pair of overshoes.
  • Insulated Overshoes – The coldest climates or seasons call for full overshoes with insulation to hold in heat. Most cyclists will need a pair of insulated overshoes if they want to ride through the cold winter months.

Check out our collection of bicycle shoe covers to see every style on that list and more. Our cycling overshoes are designed to last for miles when cared for properly.