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Weatherproof Your Hiking Wardrobe with Quality Base Layers

Fast hiking requires you to pack light and move quickly. That leaves no room for bulky clothing that doesn't repel water and wind efficiently. That's why GOREWEAR creates base layers for hiking in rugged environments.

From your local park on a windy day to a multi-day journey through the mountains, you can count on base layers to keep you dry, comfortable, and quick on your feet. They also allow you to strip down to one thin layer as needed. Layering is easy when you have baselayer hiking attire from GOREWEAR.

Selecting Base Layers for Hiking

Base layer shirts and pants are critical to comfort and safety. The rougher the terrain and more unpredictable the weather, the more you will depend on your base layers. There are many types of base layers out there, but every piece in a hiker's wardrobe should share some basic features, including:

  • Waterproof – A waterproof base layer will keep your skin dry in wet environments. Not only does that make fast hiking more comfortable, but it could help you avoid hypothermia in extreme conditions. Your outer layers are critical in wet conditions as well, but you're only as dry as your foundation.
  • Windproof – If there's one thing that can make hiking uncomfortable, it's a chilly wind that penetrates to the skin. The solution is a windproof base layer.
  • Durable – Base layers are often the thinnest pieces in your hiking wardrobe, but that doesn't mean they aren't tough. A good shirt or pant should hold up to many intense hikes.
  • Lightweight – You don't want your base layers to weigh you down, so we stick to the lightest materials when creating our waterproof base layer pants and tops.

Check out our collection for the latest windproof and waterproof base layer options.