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Hiking Headwear for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Protecting your head is just as important as supporting your lower body during a long hike. That's why GOREWEAR took the time to create a line of versatile headwear that can go from intense sunshine to rainy days while lasting for years when cared for properly. We offer the sun hat hiking enthusiasts love plus a variety of hiking hat styles.

Your Hiking Hat Style Options

What type of headwear do you need for your next hiking adventure? It depends on where you're hiking and what personal needs you want to meet. You have options for every hiking scenario:

  • Lightweight Trekking Hat – A light cap can protect your head and face from sunlight while stopping sweat from running into your eyes. The right hat may also offer some protection from light rain as well.
  • Hiking Headband – Don't allow sweat to run into your eyes and turn a pleasant hike into an aggravating experience. GOREWEAR headbands can also provide a touch of warmth on chilly days.
  • Hiking Baseball Hat – Baseball caps are lightweight and versatile. You can use them for hiking and many other outdoor activities.
  • Trekking Beanie – Beanies are essential for warmth, but they're also stylish. They're suitable for a variety of activities and everyday life.

Stock Up on Trekking Cap Styles

The more you enjoy trekking, the more hiking hats you will need. Keep a spare on hand for unexpected accidents plus a few more at home in different styles and colors. GOREWEAR makes it easy to stock up on hiking gear.