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Bib Shorts for Men

Is your riding wardrobe missing a great pair of men's bib shorts? If so, GOREWEAR has you covered. We design athletic gear that holds up to the toughest workouts. We look forward to protecting your lower body from the potential pains of cycling so that you can focus on performance and fun.

Why You Need Men's Bib Shorts

There are a few discomforts that you can avoid by wearing bib shorts:

  • Chafing
  • Saddle sores
  • Low-riding pants

Mens bib overall shorts are designed to hug the body comfortably while staying securely in place. Think of it as adding a new layer of skin that blocks rubbing and irritation to your body. The result is a more comfortable ride and pants that never slide down in the back as you pedal.

Fit is important when selecting cycling bibs. Follow sizing guides online to make sure you get the bibs that fit great and feel even better no matter how many miles you cover.

Bib Shorts MTB Riders Trust

Bib shorts add a much-needed layer of protection to some of the more sensitive areas of your body. The higher quality the materials and design, the better they will perform during an intense cycling session. That's why we design mens cycling bibs with elite athletes in mind. Our products are suitable for all skill levels because every cyclist deserves only the best.

Check out our current inventory and come back often to see what's new at GOREWEAR.