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Men's Performance Shorts Designed for Action

You're on the go and need shorts that can keep up with your lifestyle. That drive is exactly why we create GORE-TEX shorts in a variety of styles. We know what it's like to have places to go, goals to conquer, and athletic competition to beat. GOREWEAR creates the shorts you need to come out on top.

We bring the design expertise and quality materials. You bring the drive to win.

Benefits of Men's GORE-TEX Shorts

Whether you're shopping for men's trail shorts, running shorts, or cycling shorts, GOREWEAR has you covered. GORE-TEX is a durable, breathable material that remains lightweight and flexible in every design. It's used to make lightweight shorts that are packable or more durable designs that protect your skin from the elements.

There's a GOREWEAR short for every man and every sport. You can even wear our shorts in daily life because we pay just as much attention to style as performance.

Stock Up on Men's Athletic Shorts

Are your favorite active shorts wearing out? Now is the time to stock up on GOREWEAR shorts designed with the needs of active men in mind. Our athletic wear is designed to last through the most intense workouts, so you spend more time training and less time shopping for new gear.

When you find your new favorite shorts, stock up to make sure you have durable, comfortable shorts for months or even years to come. Check back often to see what's new at GOREWEAR.