Men's Cycling Bibs



Our most comfortable bib shorts specifically built for longer distances.


Our most comfortable bib shorts specifically built for longer distances.

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Cycling Bib Shorts that Last

When you buy high-quality men's cycling bibs, you don’t have to replace them over and over. You can count on them to hold up through your most aggressive training weeks while feeling just as comfortable on a casual ride across town. With or without padding, GOREWEAR cycling shorts are designed to work just as hard as the rider.

Benefits of Bib Shorts for Men

Beginner cyclists may start out with cheap waist shorts from a local store, but they quickly realize the value of high-quality cycling bibs. The bibs hold the shorts up so that they don't shift or slouch even as the rider changes positions, leans forward, and maneuvers through twists and curves. Durable stretch material designed to wick away moisture and protect against chafing is essential to a comfortable ride.

For men who prefer waist shorts without the bibs, quality material is still essential. A great pair of cycling shorts should maximize comfort while avoiding riding mishaps like exposed backs and chafed thighs. Higher quality materials last longer and provide more protection than cheap shorts not designed for long, sweaty rides.

How to Identify the Perfect Men's Road Cycling Shorts

Fit is important for men's road bike shorts. They should remain snug against the skin without squeezing too hard. To get that fit, a stretchy material is required. Padded shorts should fit with the padding in the proper place to prevent saddle sores or general discomfort while riding.

Beyond fit, quality material and thoughtful design are critical to ensure comfort and durability. The best materials will have the following qualities

  • Quick drying
  • Moisture wicking
  • Adequate stretch
  • Properly placed chamois or pad

Style and color options are important but secondary to quality materials, effective design, and the perfect fit.

Men’s Cycling Bibs vs. Waist Shorts

Shorts with tight waistbands may restrict breathing more than a good pair of bib shorts. The shoulder straps hold the shorts in place and can help prevent chafing. Some riders find one type of short more comfortable than the other, so try experimenting to see what feels best for your body.