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Men's Cycling Tights

Shop for Mens Cycling Tights from GOREWEAR. We set new standards in comfort and performance.

Men's Bike Tights Design Options

You should expect a lot of your bike tights. From neutral colors that are easy to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe to high-quality materials that don’t stretch, rip, or snag too easily, you deserve the best when it comes to your cycling wardrobe.

Two of the most popular design options on the market right now include:

  • Men's Padded Cycling Tights – Padding can make long rides on a hard bike seat more comfortable while lowering the risk of chafing, sores, and other physical discomforts.
  • Mens Cycling Bib Tights – Bib tights will keep your pants in place even if you bend forward or lean to the side. Many cyclists find them more comfortable than basic elastic-waisted leggings.

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Are you ready to upgrade your men's cycling tights? If so, GOREWEAR can help. We design with the needs of novice and professional cyclists in mind. We know what you expect and take pleasure in overdelivering.

Come back often to see our newest releases. From classic designs that never go out of style to innovative technology, we offer a bit of everything in our collection of cycling tights.