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Cycling Bottoms Designed to Last

Your bottoms can make or break your next cycling session. When they're designed from quality materials and fit properly, they will maximize comfort while wicking away moisture and protecting your lower body from the elements. Lower-quality bottoms or a poor fit can leave you with chafing, pain points, or annoyances that interrupt your workout.

GOREWEAR bottoms are designed to hold up to the most intense cycling adventures. Whether you cycle only on the weekends or you pedal your heart out daily, you can count on our styles to work just as hard as your legs.

Selecting the Right Cycling Bottoms

There are a variety of bottoms designed for cycling, including:

  • Bike tights
  • Bib shorts
  • ¾ tights
  • Storm shorts
  • Trail shorts
  • Leggings

The bottoms you select should match your personal style and local climate. Weather considerations include the time of day that you typically venture out to cycle. GOREWEAR clothing is designed to make layering easy.

The Best Cycling Leggings & Tights

GOREWEAR is committed to designing premium-quality cycling bottoms that support your body while looking great. Whether you're racing on the road or pedaling up a mountain, you depend on your clothing to protect you from the elements and help you maintain a safe body temperature.

That's why we never settle for less than perfection when it comes to fabric selection, design, and technology. We go out of our way to improve on every piece in our collection because we want you to have the best in your closet.

Browse our collection of bottoms for cycling today. Check back often to fill the gaps in your cycling wardrobe.