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Running Arm Warmers for Maximum Protection

Arm sleeves are the perfect addition to your set up when you know that stripping off a layer or two is essential. Think about those chilly mornings that give way to sunny afternoons or evening runs that extend past sunset. Arm warmers slip on and off easily, so you can add protection and warmth to your upper body without removing your top.

Do You Need a Heated Arm Sleeve?

Heated running arm warmers can lower your risk of injury when used for 15 or 20 minutes daily. For most runners, they aren't essential to safety or performance. A high-quality thermal arm sleeve is adequate to trap in body heat and warm the body when temperatures drop.

When selecting between heated sleeves and those made from thermal or lightweight material, consider the amount of warmth you want to create for your runs. If your goal is to warm your muscles between runs for recovery or protective purposes, then perhaps a heated electronic sleeve is worth the investment.

If you just want a warm sleeve that is easy and fast to remove during runs, then thermals are a great option.

Invest in Thermal Arm Sleeves this Season

Arm sleeves designed from durable thermal material will help you trap in warmth any time of day. As the seasons change, your running attire needs will change as well. You can stock up on all the thermals you need plus other garments designed for layering right here at GOREWEAR.