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Cross Country Ski Pants – Quality, Style & Durability in One

Where do you look for ski pants that look good, feel great, and hold up to endless hours in rough, wet conditions? It starts and ends with GOREWEAR. We take pride in designing sport-specific attire that provides the support and durability that serious athletes demand. Whether you're a seasoned pro, weekend warrior, or complete beginner, we have the pants you need to ski in confidence.

Selecting Quality Nordic Ski Pants

When picking a new pair of cross country ski pants, look for lightweight, breathable material that allows free range of motion. Quality pants will never interfere with movement while still providing warmth and blocking moisture. Your pants should have a fitted cut, but they should also move with your body easily.

If you need a base layer under your ski pants, skip the standard cotton long underwear. Go for premium GOREWEAR base layers that are lightweight and breathable. They should also wick moisture away from your skin. Every layer in your ski wardrobe should support your motion rather than limiting it.

XC Ski Pants You Can Trust

We take pride in creating premium quality cross country ski pants that help all skiers enjoy their time with Mother Nature. When you're ready to hit the snow, you can't beat GOREWEAR Nordic ski pants. Check out our full cross country ski collection to make sure you have everything you need to perform your best.